Andreas Laszlo Konrath


Andreas Laszlo Konrath brings his authentic and material relationship with photography to bear in his portrait and fashion assignments. Calling forth the rich heritage of photography and film’s experimental history, Konrath creates visual encounters with his subjects that are enduring and authentic. His images appear in magazines including Holiday, Man About Town, New York Magazine, Variety, Vibe, W, as well as in advertising campaigns and special projects for Pierre Balmain, Rag & Bone, and the Toronto International Film Festival. Andreas Laszlo Konrath has photographed iconic cultural figures including Christian Bale, Josh Brolin, David Byrne, Bryan Cranston, James Franco, Debbie Harry, Ewan McGregor, Sam Rockwell, Jerry Seinfeld, Patti Smith, Kanye and new creative talents including Lil Buck, Devonte Hynes, Ezra Miller, Willy Moon, Dylan Rieder, Gabourey Sidibe and Liu Wen. Andreas Laszlo Konrath’s deep capacity for subjective visual storytelling underpins his commissioned and independent short films, which carry his evocative aesthetic. Konrath is also a leading creator of zines including J.O.E., Made in Brooklyn, If the Kids are United and Anthony No Name At Gmail Dot Com. He is the co-founder of Pau Wau Publications with designer Brian Paul Lamotte.

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