James Mollison


James Mollison’s ambitious projects center on the capacity of photography to narrate deeply human stories, which are driven by his own curiosity about the nature of human existence. He is most well known for his independent and internationally-researched projects. His first book, James and Other Apes—accompanied by an exhibition at The Natural History Museum in London—portrayed fifty great apes protected in sanctuaries, visually connecting us to our closest primate relatives and their precarious survival. The Memory of Pablo Escobar revealed the story of the notorious Columbian gangster through photographs that Mollison gathered. Where Children Sleep explored the disparity and diversity of children’s lives through a series of portraits and interiors of the dwellings of children across the globe. His most recent book—Playground—takes a more detached vantage point and observes the playtime dynamics between students in schools in the northern and southern hemispheres. Following his photographic training in the UK, Mollison joined Fabrica—the creative laboratory founded by Benetton—and is currently a creative editor for COLORS magazine. He has created editorial stories for Christie’s Magazine, The Guardian, Le Monde, New York Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Numero, Nowness, The Paris Review, Wallpaper, and WSJ. Magazine. His commercial clients include Nike, Benetton, ESPN, Dell, San Pellegrino, and Proctor & Gamble.

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