Jess Ruby James

Jess Ruby James is and Australian born photographer whose artistic inspiration is derived from human and geographical shapes, tones and textures. James’s visual language is spoken through a fresh and uncomplicated photographic connection between body, form, light, land, sky and water. Her authentic and considered observations via analogue film and digital camera, empower her subjects and accentuate the strength and natural beauty of the anatomical and natural world she immerses herself and her audience in.

At an early age, James’s work has already appeared on the covers and inside pages of major editorial titles such as Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, and was recently commissioned by fashion brand Miu Miu to photograph actress Olivia DeJonge. She is currently working on a book, film and exhibition titled Like Tissue, an intimate visual study of endometriosis and its emotional and physical effects on women.

Instagram: @jessrubyjames

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