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  1. Cynthia Swanson
  1. Amy Troost Photographs Noah Carlos for i-D Cover Story

  2. Amy Troost Shoots
    Glossier Pro Tip Eyeliner Campaign

  3. Amy Troost Photographs Yvie Oddly for i-D

  4. Amy Troost Shoots Bottega Veneta for i-D

  5. Amy Troost Photographs Kerby Jean-Raymond and Pyer Moss for British Vogue

  6. Amy Troost Shoots Glossier Boy Brow Campaign

  7. Amy Troost Shoots Beauty for i-D

  8. Amy Troost Shoots Levi’s Fall 2018 Campaign 

  9. Amy Troost Shoots New York Biker Portraits for All Saints

  10. Amy Troost Shoots i-D Cover Story

  11. Amy Troost Shoots Gap Campaign

  12. Amy Troost Shoots Spring 2018 Collections for Harper’s Bazaar

  13. Amy Troost Photographs Michaela Coel for British Vogue

  14. Amy Troost Photographs Lupita Nyong’o and Letitia Wright for Teen Vogue

  15. Amy Troost Shoots Beauty for Dior Magazine

  16. Amy Troost Photographs Mexico City Youth for i-D

  17. Amy Troost Shoots Fashion for i-D

  18. Amy Troost Shoots for Self Service