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  1. Cynthia Swanson
  1. Paul Wetherell Documents Artycapucines Project for Louis Vuitton

  2. Paul Wetherell Shoots for Vogue Japan

  3. Paul Wetherell Shoots L’Uomo Vogue Cover Story

  4. Paul Wetherell Shoots
    T Magazine China Cover Story

  5. Paul Wetherell Shoots Saint Laurent SS19 for Arena Homme +

  6. Paul Wetherell Shoots  Giedre Dukauskaite for Vogue China

  7. Paul Wetherell Shoots Birgit Kos for Vogue Japan

  8. Paul Wetherell Shoots Gigi Hadid for American Vogue

  9. Paul Wetherell Shoots Fashion for The Gentlewoman

  10. Paul Wetherell Shoots Beauty for Vogue Italia

  11. Paul Wetherell Shoots Carcy Cover Story

  12. Paul Wetherell Shoots Beauty for Vogue Italia

  13. Paul Wetherell Shoots Kris Van Assche’s Last Dior Homme Collection for Arena Homme +

  14. Paul Wetherell Shoots Emporio Armani EA7 for Arena Homme +

  15. Paul Wetherell Photographs Val McDermid for The Gentlewoman

  16. Paul Wetherell Photographs Christopher Bailey’s Friends and Family for American Vogue

  17. Paul Wetherell Photographs Daniela Vega for British Vogue

  18. Paul Wetherell Photographs Paul Surridge and his first Roberto Cavalli Collection for W