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Curator/Writer/ Creative Consultant
  1. Charlotte Cotton
Creative Director/ Visual Artist
  1. Cynthia Swanson
  1. Hanna Moon Shoots Versus Versace FW18 Campaign

  2. Topic Features James Mollison’s Tokyo Owl Cafe Portraits

  3. Ethan James Green Shoots SS18 Collection for Prada

  4. Charlie Engman Directs Westminster Dog Show Film for American Vogue

  5. Paul Wetherell Shoots British Designers Going Back to Their Roots for British Vogue

  6. Ethan James Green Shoots for Vogue Italia

  7. Ethan James Green Shoots Karlie Kloss for Vogue Italia

  8. Derek Henderson Shoots Roy Montgomery for The Wire

  9. Charlie Engman Joins M.A.P

  10. Will Davidson Directs Kylie Minogue’s Sexercize Music Video

  11. Nigel Shafran Directs Loewe SS14 Skin Collection Films

  12. Derek Henderson Shoots Karen Walker / ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative Visible 2014 Campaign

  13. Derek Henderson Shoots Tourism Fiji Campaign

  14. Matthew Donaldson Directs Ruth & Richard Rogers Film for Nowness

  15. Jamie Hawkesworth Directs Preston Bus Station Film

  16. Matthew Donaldson Directs Jean Pigozzi Film for Nowness

  17. Matthew Donaldson Directs Piero Lissoni Film for Nowness

  18. Will Davidson Shoots Kylie Minogue ‘Skirt’ Video