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Curator/Writer/ Creative Consultant
  1. Charlotte Cotton
Creative Director/ Visual Artist
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Styling/ Brand Consulting
  1. Alex White
Creative Consulting
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  1. Vanina Sorrenti Photographs Nozomi Iijima for Violet Book Cover Story

  2. Ethan James Green Shoots Camp Fashion for American Vogue

  3. Hanna Moon Shoots for Re-Edition

  4. Jack Webb Shoots Public Cover Story

  5. Mikael Jansson Photographs Kim Kardashian West at her L.A. Home for American Vogue Cover Story

  6. Charlotte Cotton & Hanna Moon Talk Everything Ahead of Us: The Future of Fashion Image-Making Part I at SVA, New York

  7. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots Kate Moss for British Vogue Cover Story

  8. Ethan James Green Shoots SS19 Collections for Another Man

  9. Christian MacDonald Shoots Fran Summers for Vogue Italia Beauty Story

  10. David Hughes & Paul Davis Exhibit Give Me Strength at Gallery 46, London

  11. Mikael Jansson Shoots Kate Moss for British Vogue Cover Story

  12. Ethan James Green Launches Young New York at Dashwood Books, New York 

  13. Derek Henderson Photographs New Zealand for Holiday

  14. Nigel Shafran Photographs Pierpaolo Piccioli for American Vogue

  15. Alex White Styles Clé de Peau Campaign

  16. Ethan James Green Shoots Marlon Teixeira for Vogue Hommes

  17. Mikael Jansson Photographs Global Actresses for American Vogue Cover Story

  18. Amy Troost Photographs Kerby Jean-Raymond and Pyer Moss for British Vogue