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Curator/Writer/ Creative Consultant
  1. Charlotte Cotton
Creative Director/ Visual Artist
  1. Cynthia Swanson
  1. Jack Webb Shoots Repossi AW18 Campaign

  2. Ethan James Green Photographs LGBTQ Families for L’Uomo Vogue Cover Story

  3. Nigel Shafran Shoots Tourist’s Apollo Artwork and Music Video

  4. Hanna Moon Shoots Xiao Wen Ju for i-D Japan

  5. Jamie Hawkesworth Photographs Bhutan for Holiday

  6. Dan Martensen Shoots Polo Ralph Lauren Fall 2018 Campaign

  7. James Mollison Photographs Iris Apfel and Other Fashion & Costume Collectors for Christie’s Magazine

  8. Amy Troost Shoots Fall 2018 New York Biker Portraits for All Saints

  9. Hanna Moon Shoots for The Gentlewoman

  10. Dennis Freedman Talks with Mario Sorrenti about Kate Book at SVA Theater, New York

  11. Paul Wetherell Shoots Birgit Kos for Vogue Japan

  12. Ethan James Green Shoots for Self Service

  13. Laura Genninger / STUDIO 191 Art Direct Another Man AW18 Issue Featuring Ethan James Green Cover

  14. Dan Martensen Shoots for Vogue Paris

  15. Estelle Hanania Shoots Marine Serre SS19 Collection for Garage

  16. Ethan James Green Shoots Simon Nessman for Vogue Hommes Cover Story

  17. Paul Wetherell Shoots Gigi Hadid for American Vogue

  18. Hanna Moon Shoots Selena Forrest in Dior for Self Service