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  1. Jamie Hawkesworth Exhibits a blue painted fence in London

  2. Jamie Hawkesworth Photographs Bhutan for Holiday

  3. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots Marni FW18 Campaign

  4. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots Alexander McQueen AW18 Campaign

  5. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots for System

  6. Jamie Hawkesworth Photographs Japan’s Inland Sea Islands for WSJ. Magazine Cover Story

  7. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots for American Vogue

  8. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots Prada Classics on Miuccia Prada and Mariacarla Boscono for British Vogue

  9. Purple Publishes Jamie Hawkesworth’s Tokyo Nudes Portfolio

  10. Jamie Hawkesworth Photographs Gisele Bündchen at Home for the Cover of Vogue Italia

  11. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots Alexander McQueen SS18 Campaign

  12. M le Magazine du Monde Gives Jamie Hawkesworth Carte Blanche

  13. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots Marni SS18 Campaign

  14. Jamie Hawkesworth Launches Preston Bus Station Book

  15. Fantastic Man Showcases Jamie Hawkesworth’s Coastal Town Photographs

  16. Jamie Hawkesworth Exhibits ‘Landscape with Tree’ at Huis Marseille, Amsterdam

  17. Print Publication Publishes Jamie Hawkesworth’s India Portfolio

  18. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots for Print Publication