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Curator/Writer/ Creative Consultant
  1. Charlotte Cotton
Creative Director/ Visual Artist
  1. Cynthia Swanson
  1. Nigel Shafran Shoots Tourist’s Apollo Artwork and Music Video

  2. Nigel Shafran Photographs the Cast of Pose for American Vogue

  3. Nigel Shafran Exhibits ‘Work Books 1984 - 2018’ at Sion and Moore London

  4. Nigel Shafran Shoots Fashion on Leelee Sobieski for American Vogue

  5. Nigel Shafran Photographs Glenda Jackson for W

  6. Self Service Publishes Nigel Shafran’s Old Age Fashion Photographs, Introduced by Charlotte Cotton

  7. Nigel Shafran Photographs the Women of CAA for American Vogue

  8. Nigel Shafran Exhibits ‘Today Everyday’ at the National Portrait Gallery, London

  9. Nigel Shafran Photographs M.A.P Founder Julie Brown for Double

  10. Nigel Shafran Photographs Rachel Whiteread for FT Magazine

  11. Nigel Shafran Photographs Rachel Whiteread for The Gentlewoman

  12. Nigel Shafran Photographs the Next Generation of American Theater for Vogue US

  13. Nigel Shafran Photographs Peter Mitchell for FT Weekend Magazine

  14. Nigel Shafran Photographs Victoria and Brooklyn Beckham for Vogue US

  15. Nigel Shafran Shoots Sies Marjan Spring 2017 Campaign

  16. Nigel Shafran Shoots for Holiday

  17. Re-Edition Publishes Nigel Shafran’s 1984-1986 New York Fashion Tests

  18. Nigel Shafran Curates Fashion shows. at Brighton Photo Biennial