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  1. Charlie Engman Photographs John Waters and Brontez Purnell for Interview

  2. Bridie Gilbert Joins M.A.P Sydney

  3. Estelle Hanania Shoots for Public Magazine

  4. Christine Centenera Fashion Director for Vogue Australia Elvis Cover Story

  5. Nicole Bentley & Michele McQuillan Shoot Marysia Summer 2022 Campaign

  6. Derek Henderson Shoots Rodd & Gunn Winter 2022 Campaign

  7. Charles Dennington, Alan White & Victoria Baron Shoot Adut Akech for Vogue Australia

  8. Jess Ruby James Photographs Olivia De Jonge at Cannes Film Festival

  9. Amy Troost Shoots Chanel Hydra Beauty Campaign

  10. Jess Ruby James, Rory Rice & Victoria Baron Shoot for Vogue China

  11. Derek Henderson Shoots Fashion for Viva

  12. Ben Morris & Alan White Shoot Vida Glow Campaign

  13. Ben Morris, Jillian Davison & Victoria Baron Shoot Samara Weaving for Harper’s Bazaar Australia Cover Story

  14. Derek Henderson Shoots Vida Glow Campaign

  15. Jess Ruby James Photographs the Koori Mail Women and Their Flood Crisis Response for Harper’s Bazaar Australia

  16. Ben Morris Shoots Bassike Resort 2023 Campaign

  17. Nicole Bentley, Michele McQuillan & Kellie Stratton Shoot Viktoria & Woods Autumn 2022

  18. Nicole Bentley Shoots for Side-Note