1. Charlie Engman Exhibits at Asama International Photo Festival, Japan

    Charlie Engman is exhibiting at Photo Miyota—the Asama International Photo Festival in Japan.

    From the press release: ‘Initiated as a precursor to the founding of a museum of photography here in Miyota, our festival celebrates works of photography in a manner befitting and representing Japan: a dominant force in the camera world. While this event serves to showcase the works of many highly skilled photographers from both Japan and abroad, we also have other aims: to convey the craftsmanship behind each photograph, to witness the staggering achievements made possible through cameras and photographic techniques in the ever-advancing world of digital technology, and to provide a space where the allure and the joy of photography can be experienced with all of the five senses. Making the most of the natural environment and our surroundings, we aim to bring photography into union with numerous incarnations of culture, wisdom, and sensibility—spanning from cuisine, architecture, music, film, dance, and more. In this endeavor, it is our hope to create new forms of value together with our guests in preparation for the approaching future. Through this exchange, we consider the question: what is it that we can do for the current generation? From Miyota and the foothills of Asama, we will deliver these messages to the world.’

    Charlie Engman will be exhibiting photographic banners and murals, and VR footage produced specifically for the show.

    Asama International Photo Festival
    11th August to 30th September, 2018
    Site of the former Mercian KARUIZAWA art museum
    1799-1 Maseguchi, Miyota-machi,
    Kitasaku-gun, Nagano Prefecture, Japan