1. Charlotte Cotton Chairs International Pop Art Round-Table Discussion for the Walker Art Center

    To coincide with the opening of their new International Pop exhibition, the Walker Art Center asked curator Charlotte Cotton to chair a round-table discussion about photography’s role in the story of International Pop Art. Conducted by e-mail, the discussion considers the use and influences of mass-media imagery on creative communities in Eastern Europe, Japan, and the United Kingdom. It features Martin Harrison, a key scholar of the painter Francis Bacon (1909–1992), who brings a distinct perspective on the artists and photographers who best embody Britain’s short-lived parlay with Pop ideas; Hiroko Ikegami, who shares her expansive knowledge of postwar Japanese art, including the work of Tanaami Keiichi (b. 1936); and Tomáš Pospiszyl, whose research into art practices in Eastern Europe of the 1950s and 1960s includes work on the scrapbooks of Július Koller (1939–2007), largely produced in Bratislava.

    The discussion will be published in the Walker Art Center’s new pubblication that accompanies this seminal survey exhibition and can be read in full on the center’s website by clicking here