1. David Abrahams Joins M.A.P

    M.A.P are excited to announce we are now representing photographer David Abrahams.

    British photographer David Abrahams’ portfolio is characterised by his ability to see beauty in the everyday. Born and raised in Leeds, he spent his childhood playing with his first camera, a Pentax Spotmatic, inherited from his grandfather. Now based in London, David’s work embraces imperfection, uncovering charm in the often overlooked or unexpected. Interested in the tension between objects or ideas, he frequently explores this by creating his own sets and props. These combine with a muted and velvety colour palette resulting in images imbued with a serene and tranquil aesthetic.

    David uses his work, be it documentary, fashion, landscape or still life to explore themes of sustainability, consumerism and more. He is inspired by the world of photojournalism in his observational work, merging this with personal self-expression. His travel photography is an amalgamation of stories, portraits and emotive scenery and his images explore the meeting point of beauty and the bizarre, as well as abstraction and clarity. They always, however, capture a moment of visceral calm and discernment in a frenetic world.

    Alongside his photographic career, David maintains a painting practice, the influences of which can be seen in his photography. The two disciplines combine to create a portfolio which is truly multimedia in its approach and output.

    He has been commissioned by a variety of clients and publications including British Vogue, Gucci, Jo Malone, Stella McCartney, and WSJ. Magazine.

    To view David Abrahams portfolio click here.

    Photography by David Abrahams.