1. At Large Magazine Publishes Derek Henderson’s Kudzu Monster Photographs

    At Large magazine published a selection of images from Paradise Lost—a new collection of photographs by Derek Henderson.

    From the magazine: ‘When you grow up in the south Pacific, you’re no stranger to exotic landscapes. And, in one of his early books, The Terrible Boredom Of Paradise, New Zealand-born photographer Derek Henderson recreated sub-tropical scenes as he saw them in his childhood, framed by the back window of his parent’s car. This view onto daily life—a small-town street unfurling toward mountains, a rail car giving onto pastoral tropics, surf break under a leaden sky—had diminished nature’s extravagance to banality. Now, in a new collection of photographs, Henderson gives nature full rein. The only sign of humanity is a kudzu vine-consumed person dwarfed by the jungle. By forcing us to search for him, Henderson transforms this “kudzu monster” into one of nature’s proud ornaments.’

    Photography by Derek Henderson.