1. Derek Henderson Takes Photos from Home for the National Gallery of Victoria

    Derek Henderson, whose work can be found in the National Gallery of Victoria Collection, contributed to the NGV's Photo from Home initiative, and found new meaning in his neighbourhood over the past few months. ‘These photographs were taken in my neighbourhood of Bondi Beach and Bellevue Hill, Sydney over the first two weeks of May this year. We have been going on family walks from a few weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic for exercise and to give the kids a break outside in the fresh air. It’s been so satisfying in many ways, one of those things is to have the time to spend with my children and not to have to rush anywhere, to show them things I might otherwise brush off with ‘look I’m too busy, let’s talk later’. The slowing down has in many ways been a blessing. I always wonder who lives in the houses we walk past, what do they do, is it a family home, is it an old person living by themselves, have they had a fulfilling life, did something happen that made their life not so good? These are just a few things that are in my head when I’m looking at someone’s home.'

    Photography by Derek Henderson