1. Ethan James Green Photographs LGBT Senior Dances for Vogue US

    Vogue.com published a portion of Ethan James Green's on-going series on LGBT senior centers as part of their project 'American Women: Pride' about lesbian and queer women across the US. 

    Excerpt from the article: Photographer Ethan James Green, 27, is best known for capturing a very youthful downtown underground scene, so it’s slightly surprising that he spends his free time hanging around LGBT senior center dances, taking black-and-white prom-esque portraits of the elderly attendees. His subjects may be old, but in front of his camera they seem anything but. They flirt, they flex, they cavort, they make out, they goof off. "It’s almost like we’re on a fashion shoot," says Green. "People really show up. They get to have fun, not care, just be who they are and not think twice about it." 

    To read the full article on Vogue.com click here.

    Photography by Ethan James Green, set design by Julia Wagner. With special thanks to Adam Werner and Marcs Marcus.