1. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots SS17 Paula’s Ibiza Collection for Loewe

    To mark their Spring Summer 2017 collaboration with legendary Ibiza store Paula’s, Loewe asked Jamie Hawkesworth to photograph the collection in the store's founder home in the montains of Santa Ines. The resulting photographs were printed in a limited edition book designed by creative directors M/M (Paris).

    From the book introduction: ‘From 1972 until 2000 a clothing boutique on calle de la Virgen in Ibiza’s old town was the epicentre of a small but reverberating social, cultural, and stylistic revolution. More than a cult shop, Paula’s represented a way of life; a collective dream of creative expression made real; a hazy, decades- long adventure suspended between harmony and contradiction, subversion and integration, fun and devotion. The store became known far beyond Ibiza for its unique atmosphere and interior, for its extravagant, irregularly occurring shows—operatic happenings involving multiple media and a diverse lot of characters—and above all for its trademark prints, which materialized the ethos of a freedom- obsessed culture—the manifestation of Allen Ginsberg’s proverbial ‘flower power’ ideal—that had landed here from distant places to find its perhaps most natural habitat amid the island’s unspoiled, verdant landscape. Paula’s, along with the prints and the dresses they adorned, was the invention of Armin Heinemann, who arrived in Ibiza after leaving behind an orderly but unfulfilling life as an architect in Germany. Along with his partner Stuart Rudnick, Heinemann built a universe in which work, pleasure and creation were inseparable from basic needs and beliefs. On the occasion of the house’s special collaboration with Paula’s, LOEWE visited Heinemann in his city office—a classic apartment overflowing with pictures, dolls, patterns and mannequins—and at his spartan farmhouse in the mountains of Santa Ines, where the photographs for this publication were shot. The two starkly contrasting locations illustrate the dualities, and the open embrace of such seemingly opposed poles, that have been at the heart of Paula’s from day one: ascetic discipline and boundless enjoyment, spectacle and stillness, and above all pure fascination and craft.’

    Photography by Jamie Hawkesworth.