1. Thomas Persson Acne Paper Issue 12 Out Now Featuring Daniel Jackson & Paul Wetherell

    The new issue of Acne Paper, the semestral publication under the creative direction of Editor in Chief Thomas Persson, celebrates the theme of youth. From the editor letter: '...When celebrating the young, a whole range of attractive characteristics springs to mind: beauty, energy, health, purity, confidence, idealism, creativity, boldness, vision and rebellion. While the adoration of youth is as old as antiquity and remains as the undying ideal of our civilisation, regardless, or perhaps because of, its delicate short-lived nature, the cult of youth and the notion of a young generation didn't really flourish until much later when it became a popular topic among scientists, politicians, educationalists, artists and cultural critics at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, in contrast, the lavishing of attention on youth is so tremendous it often eclipses every other age. In the same way as the marvels of sex are being played out at full volume in the media, the desirability of being young has become the loudest instrument in the orchestra of commerce. Sensing that some of youth's own music has been lost in the cacophony, we decided to give the theme another kind of resonance...' For this issue Daniel Jackson shot the beautiful cover story and photographed ballet prodigy Danil Simkin while Paul Wetherell photographed young talent from the London performing arts scene.

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    Top story: photography by Daniel Jackson, styling by Matthias Karlsson, hair by Esther Langham, makeup by Hannah Murray. Models: Iris, Julia Saner, Kate King, Caroline Brasch Nielson, Colinne Michaelis, Anais Pouliot, Taras Koltun, Tomek, Alex Beck, Aiden Andrews and Lowell.

    Middle story: photography by Daniel Jackson, styling Tiina Laakkonen, hair by Rita Marmon, makeup by Makky . Model: Danil Simkin.

    Bottom story: photography by Paul Wetherell, styling by Hannes Betta, hair by Matt Mulhall, makeup by Natsumi. Models: Ellie Kendrick, Joseph Padfield, Toby Finn Regbø, Eloise Carles, Adam Walker, Luke Snellin, Jonathon Luke Baker, Steven Froggart, Katy Lowenhoff and Catherine Olver.