1. Dan Martensen Launches Wolves Like Us Book, Art Directed by Dean Langley

    We are excited to announce Dan Martensen’s book Wolves Like Us - Portraits of the Angulo Brothers, art directed by Dean Langley and published by Damiani, is now out.

    From the publisher’s press release: ‘In 2010, photographer Dan Martensen was introduced to the Angulo brothers by filmmaker Crystal Moselle, who had just begun work on her hit documentary The Wolfpack. The film chronicles the lives of the six home-schooled boys who gained most of their knowledge of the outside world from the movies they watched at home. Confined to their four-bedroom apartment in New York City’s Lower East Side for 14 years, the siblings recreated cult-classic films, fashioning props as well as costumes from the contents of their apartment. Moselle’s unflinching portrayal documents the power of imagination to overcome the realities of a troubled upbringing. Martensen photographed the boys, capturing the cinema-inspired world they had created, while also documenting their first forays into to the world outside. Taken between 2010 and 2015, the resulting collection of intimate portraits and still lifes that comprise Wolves Like Us adds yet another layer to the captivating story of the Angulo brothers and is a bold testament to the enduring spirit of creativity.’

    The book is available in both a standard edition and a limited collector’s edition which includes a special sleeve and a signed 8x10 color c-print. To purchase the book click here.

    This evening, Monday, November 30 at 7pm, Dan Martensen will be in conversation with WSJ. Magazine photography director Jennifer Pastore at New York City’s Strand Bookstore, followed by a book signing. For more details about the event click here.

    Dan Martensen, Wolves Like Us - Portraits of the Angulo Brothers
    Art Direction by Dean Langley.
    Text by Crystal Moselle and Joseph Akel.
    Published by Damiani, 2015.