1. DoBeDo open LA show featuring work from
    Tyrone Lebon
    Jamie Hawkesworth 
    and Jack Webb

    DoBeDo invites you to the Los Angeles opening of the touring exhibition
    “a lie about a lie, a truth about The truth”

    at Little Big Man Gallery
    1427E. 4th Street, Los Angeles CA, 90033.
    7pm on 11th July 11th 2015.
    Film screening at 7.45pm sharp followed by Q&A with the filmmaker and some of the featured photographers.

    In 2014, photographer and director Tyrone Lebon made "Reely and Truly", a diaristic and personal documentary about photography. The film begins with Lebon’s father Mark, who is also a photographer, reading to camera: “This is a film about photography, and therefore a film about lies. Even the nature of truth, possibly a lie about a lie, or a truth about The truth...”.

    The 30-minute film is a fast moving study of a diverse range of contemporary photographers, introducing each photographer’s unique practice and investigating their outlooks on the relationship between photography and truth. This exhibition takes its title from the opening of the film and continues to explore the same themes, but at a slower pace in the new context of a touring exhibition.

    Featuring: Alex Sturrock, Asger Carlsen, Chardchakaj Waikawee, Dick Jewell, Evan Prosofsky, Fumiko Imano, Hanna Moon, Harley Weir, Hugo Scott, Jack Day, Jamie Hawkesworth, Jack Webb, Juergen Teller, Johnny Dufort, Mark Lebon, Max Fowler, Naima Karlsson, Nobuyoshi Araki, Nick Sethi, Phoebe Collings-James, Sean Vegezzi and Takashi Homma.

    Some of the photographers, and their photos, in this show are featured in Reely and Truly, others are chosen from London-based photography gallery DoBeDo. DoBeDo was set up in 2007 to showcase the work of young, mostly English, photographers and help them find a wider audience. As it has developed, it has grown to also include a diverse range of international and established Artists.