1. Tom Hunter & Nigel Shafran Talk Tonight at Host Gallery London

    Theatres Of The Real, a panel discussion with Tom Hunter, Nigel Shafran and Sarah Pickering about the redefinition of British documentary photography is taking place this evening at the Host Gallery in London. Theatres of the Real is also a recently-published book featuring the wok of eight British-based artists (Sarah Dobai, Annabel Elgar, Tom Hunter, Sarah Pickering, Nigel Shafran, Clare Strand, Mitra Tabrizian and Danny Treacy) whose unconventional works extend and redefine a tradition of British documentary photography. Straddling the boundaries between fact and fiction, these images create a hallucinatory vision of contemporary Britain. Many of the photographs in this important and timely book involve situations staged for the cameras: sets have been constructed, actors dressed in costumes and narrative scenarios invented. Ranging from melodramatic reconstructions to small tales of everyday domestic life, these images portray the world as a stage set in which we play out our stories. HOST welcomes photographers Tom Hunter, Sarah Pickering and Nigel Shafran to discuss their work in relation to the book and British documentary photography as a whole. The evening will be moderated by David Chandler, director of Photoworks.Theatres of the Real is published by Photoworks and will be available to purchase and for signing on the night. For more info and to reserve tickets click here.