1. Nigel Shafran Photographs his Workbooks for Under The Influence

    To accompany an interview about his practice, Nigel Shafran photographed pages from his workbooks for Under The Influence magazine.

    From the interview introduction: ‘In this series for this issue, Shafran presents photographs of his personal workbooks—a series of toilet hygiene inspection notices that he has collected from various locations are fixed to its pages. Paired with each notice is a photograph, some populated, most not, but all containing the footprints of our human presence, through the handwritten dates and times of the toilet inspections to the litter, washing-up and collection of scooters parked outside a building. In detailing these types of subtleties as opposed to grand gestures, Shafran’s images are both poignant and stark. Over the years, he has amassed a body of work that reveals the slowness of time through the minutiae of change.’

    Under The Influence, issue 16, Spring Summer 2016. Photography by Nigel Shafran, text by Susan Connie Marsh.