1. Nigel Shafran Shoots for Holiday

    The new ‘South Korea Issue’ of Holiday magazine features a story by Nigel Shafran with the following introduction by Charlotte Cotton: “Nigel’s approach to photography is quiet, and embodies a way of seeing the world with disarming clarity. The shifts in his work over the past twenty five years are unsurprisingly subtle. That is in part because he takes photographs that are intentionally for the long term, pictures that won’t date and maintain that quality of encountering something for the first time. These photographs are very consistent with this approach—unfathomably simple and articulate at the same time, qualities of delight and wit, something fragile in the way objects stack and balance. For me, Nigel’s greatest quality is the integrity of each picture that he puts out into the world. They are always true to how he sees, never over embellished or overworked, never too much of an idea. That’s a patient, timeless, wonderful way to make enduring photographs.”

    Holiday, Autumn/Winter 2016. Photography by Nigel Shafran, text by Charlotte Cotton.