1. Théo de Gueltzl Shoots Fashion in Colombia for M le Magazine du Monde

    “For this series we decided to pay tribute to a part of the world situated on the north coast of the South American continent. I see this series as a way to conceptualize the journey of water from the mountain to the sea. I love the idea that the quantity of water in the world has been the same since the beginning of time and that the same water travels over time collecting and carrying the memories of all the people, plant and places it came across along the way. These photographs were taken at the feet of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest coastal mountains in the world with snow peaks reaching 5.700 meters high. As we made our way up the river from the coast we were amazed to experience the landscape changing little by little. The casting was done by a local casting director, who travelled to many different villages along this coast to find girls that represented the rich diversity of this region of the world where so many different cultures converged, creating a modest portrait of the history of the place and of communities of the Sierra Nevada like the Kogui and Arhuacos, the Wayuu of the Guarija Alta desert, the Afro-Colombians and the Spanish descendents.”
    Théo de Gueltzl

    M le Magazine du Monde, 12 March 2022. Photography by Théo de Gueltzl, styling by Camilla Nickerson, hair and make-up by Homa Safar, casting by Candelaria Gonzalez and Camilo George. Models (non-professional): Tatiana Hernandez, Maria Camila Cuaces, Eliana Contreras, Jenny et Kaithryn Mosquera, Luisa Moreno, Andrea Guzman, Alejandra Cuero, Melanys Arevalo, Vicky Pedriquez, and Yaileth Martinez.