1. Thomas Persson Acne Paper Issue 13 Out Now

    The new issue of Acne Paper, the semestral publication under the creative direction of Editor in Chief Thomas Persson, focuses on the theme of the body.

    From the editor's letter: “...Regardless of our differences, of gender, race, class, sexual orientation and religious beliefs, our bodies remain as the single strongest common bond between us. It is the house we have been given to live out our existence. It is ourselves, and it awakens recollections of the things we wish to do, which above all is to maintain ourselves and to create and procreate. If the act of art and creation is a symptom of our wish to live on after we have gone, the human body as an artistic curriculum is the most fertile one, which is perhaps why it has been painted, drawn, sculpted, photographed, studied and idealised more than any other subject throughout history. When thinking about the body as a theme, as we have done here, a whole world of associations converge. From the manifestations of our esteem for physical beauty to philosophical metaphors for corporal complexity and spiritual ideas; from the mythological and the divine to the disturbing and the macabre - once dissected and observed as a topic, the seemingly confined limits of the human body become a canvas so large it's beyond measure. Instead of trying to paint a complete picture we have chosen to illuminate certain artists who, in different ways, have used the body as a point of departure to tell another kind of story - the story of being alive...”

    To hear the complete introduction to the issue and find out more about Acne Paper click here.