1. Thomas Persson Acne Paper Issue 14 Out Now

    The new issue of Acne Paper, the semestral publication under the creative direction of Editor in Chief Thomas Persson, is the first issue dedicated to a specific place.

    From the editor's letter: ‘We could have chosen London or Paris or Berlin or any other city of cosmopolitan importance but we took Manhattan – that mythological metropolis, that slim island with the magnificent skyline that rises from the water like a machinery of concrete and steel, glass and glittering lights. Erect with big dreams, bold ambitions and heroic achievements, its majestic presence is dazzling as it towers so triumphantly over America and the world itself. It is at once beautiful, overwhelming, intimidating. . . . New York City is of endless fascination and Manhattan especially so as it is not only the oldest of the five boroughs but quite possibly the centre of the universe. During our many visits to the Big Apple we have had the great fortune of befriending a number of wonderful people who have not only taken a keen interest in our publication but who have helped shape it through our continuous creative rapport. When coming from Europe there is a refreshing air of openness in New York, a social culture which has given us the chance to engage in the lives of people from completely different backgrounds and generations, whose experience with New York spans from as far back as man can remember, passing through old countries and continents via many artistic movements, right up to the next big thing. By weaving together their rich knowledge and individual expertise with our curiosity and desire to learn more, we started to get a view of Manhattan we hadn’t seen before, at least not in the format of a magazine. . . . Manhattan remains the world’s most sophisticated laboratory of modern life, and as such it has both attracted and helped shape some of the finest, most inspiring people around. This portrait is our love letter to them and to a city that we have taken into our hearts.’

    To find out more about Acne Paper visit www.acnepaper.com