1. Thomas Persson Luncheon Issue No. 2 Out Now

    The second issue of Luncheon—the style and culture magazine co-founded and co-edited by Thomas Persson and Frances von Hofmannstahl—is now out. Contributors for the issue includes Jack Davison, Roe Ethridge, Paul Wetherell, Annemarieke van Drimmelen, Suzy Menkes, Vince Aletti, Charlie Porter, Lucas Zwirner, Peter Schlesinger, Robin Muir, Snowdon, Irving Penn, Caroline Moorehead, Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Tessa Traeger, Andreas Larsson, Hannes Hetta, Marie Chaix, Danielle Levitt, Judith Watt, Patrick Kinmonth, Maureen Paley, Kim Jakobsen To, Margot Henderson, Mark Haworth-Booth, Geraldine Saglio, Lola Peploe, Tali Silver, Mara McKevitt, Polly Borland, and Susie Cave.

    To find out how to get a copy visit luncheonmagazine.com

    Luncheon, Issue No. 2—Autumn 2016.
    Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director: Thomas Persson.

    Cover photograph by Jack Davison.
    Spread 1: photograph by Irving Penn, text by Patrick Kinmonth.
    Spread 2: photographs by Andreas Larsson.
    Spread 3: cover by Irving Penn, portrait by Bert Stern, text by Vince Aletti.
    Spreads 4,5,6,7: photographs by Annemarieke van Drimmelen.
    Spreads 8, 9, 10: photographs by Snowdon, Irving Penn, Jamie Hawkesworth, text by Suzy Menkes.
    Spreads 11,12,13: photographs by Peter Schlesinger, text by Robin Muir.
    Spread 14: photograph by Dame Freya Stark, text by Caroline Moorehead.
    Spreads 15, 16: paintings by Jean Francois de Troy and Michiel Jansz van Mierveld, text by Judith Watt.