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  1. Alex White
  1. Estelle Hanania Photographs Cassandro el Exotico for Mémoire Universelle Cover Story

  2. Nigel Shafran Launches The People On The Street Book

  3. Charlie Engman Shoots for Noon

  4. David Hughes Shoots Holiday 2018 Collection for Coach

  5. Paul Wetherell Shoots Saint Laurent SS19 for Arena Homme +

  6. Christian MacDonald Shoots Marni for Vogue Italia

  7. Dan Martensen Shoots Mango Holiday 2018 Campaign

  8. Nigel Shafran Photographs Maison Alaïa for Chaos SixtyNine

  9. Jamie Hawkesworth Exhibits a blue painted fence in London

  10. Estelle Hanania Shoots for The Plant

  11. Ethan James Green Photographs Lin-Manuel Miranda for Vanity Fair Cover Story

  12. Dream Magazine Publishes David Hughes’s Still Life Portfolio

  13. Amy Troost Shoots Beauty for i-D

  14. Charlotte Cotton Launches Fashion Image Revolution Book

  15. Ethan James Green Shoots Freja Beha Erichsen for Vogue Italia Cover Story

  16. Derek Henderson Launches Circadian Rhythm Book

  17. David Hughes Directs Hourglass Caution Mascara Campaign Film

  18. Hanna Moon Shoots for M le Magazine du Monde