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  1. Ethan James Green Shoots Raquel Zimmermann and Imaan Hammam for American Vogue

  2. Hanna Moon Photographs Moffy in Japan for Morena Issue Six

  3. Charlie Engman Collaborates with Collina Strada on 2020 Resort Collection

  4. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots Naomi Campbell for British Vogue

  5. Vanina Sorrenti Photographs Herself for HommeGirls

  6. James Mollison Exhibits My Child Matters at A.Galerie, Paris

  7. Charlie Engman Shoots Prada Eyewear Campaign

  8. Paul Wetherell Documents Artycapucines Project for Louis Vuitton

  9. Mikael Jansson Shoots Gisele Bündchen for Vogue Paris Cover Story

  10. Mikael Jansson Shoots Anna Ewers for W

  11. Nigel Shafran Photographs Julien Dossena and his Team for W

  12. Bryan Liston Shoots Sies Marjan Archive for Rika Magazine

  13. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots FT Weekend Magazine Photo London 2019 Special Issue Cover

  14. Derek Henderson Photographs Designer Emilia Wickstead and Fellow New Zealand Women for British Vogue

  15. Jamie Hawkesworth Exhibits A Short Pleasurable Journey, Part Two in London

  16. Mikael Jansson Shoots Rianne Van Rompaey for Vogue Paris Cover Story

  17. Estelle Hanania Shoots Fashion at the Schignano Carnival for SZ Magazin

  18. Vanina Sorrenti Photographs Nozomi Iijima for Violet Book Cover Story