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  1. Ethan James Green Shoots Freja Beha Erichsen for Modern Matter Cover Story

  2. Tyrone Lebon Shoots Mariacarla Boscono for Proenza Schouler Spring 2018 Campaign

  3. Paul Wetherell Shoots for Vogue China

  4. Ethan James Green Shoots AW17 Couture for Dior

  5. Charlie Engman Photographs The Florida Project’s Kids for Dazed

  6. Derek Henderson Shoots for Allure

  7. Amy Troost Shoots Beauty for Dior Magazine

  8. Dan Martensen Shoots Ruth Bell for WSJ. Magazine

  9. Ethan James Green Photographs Hillary Clinton and Five ‘21 Under 21’ Talents for Teen Vogue

  10. Jamie Hawkesworth Launches Preston Bus Station Book

  11. Paul Wetherell Shoots British Designers Going Back to Their Roots for British Vogue

  12. Amy Troost Photographs Mexico City Youth for i-D

  13. Nigel Shafran Exhibits ‘Today Everyday’ at the National Portrait Gallery, London

  14. Amy Troost Shoots Fashion for i-D

  15. Nigel Shafran Photographs M.A.P Founder Julie Brown for Double

  16. Christian MacDonald Shoots Raquel Zimmermann for Vogue Spain Cover Story

  17. Derek Henderson Photographs Beaufront Farm, Tasmania for Theory Good Wool Campaign

  18. Charlie Engman Shoots for Beauty Papers