Krisztian Eder

Photography & Motion

Krisztiàn Èder is a Hungarian-born artist who navigates the fusion of narrative in documentary photography and the imagery of fashion visuals. With a keen eye for inclusivity and authenticity, his work illuminates the beauty in the mundane through fresh stylistic approaches. Transitioning from a successful music career to photography after earning his BA from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art & Design in Budapest, Krisztiàn found renewed inspiration in New York's bustling art scene.

Reflecting on his Hungarian upbringing, Krisztiàn recalls days brimming with exploration and human connection, shaping his artistic outlook.

Rooted in spirituality and meditation, Krisztiàn's immersive process fosters introspection and connection with his subjects. This approach embodies his belief in the transformative power of genuine presence, liberating him from the pressures of creating "good content" and infusing joy into the creative process.

Krisztiàn challenges conventional representations in his photography, aiming for sensitivity and contemplation. He endeavors to dismantle the male gaze and promote inclusivity by merging fashion and documentary elements. Through film direction, Krisztiàn further explores the ordinary and mundane, crafting immersive visual narratives.

Krisztiàn is based between New York and Paris.


Moving Image

co natural world 2021

bergdorf goodman love letter to New York 2021 i

Published Books

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