Ethan James Green


Ethan James Green’s acutely personal portraits are the beautiful signs of a talented new photographic voice. Green injects his originality, distinct personality and rich experiences of life into the lexicon of editorial photography, bringing an unsurpassable degree of intimacy and honesty into fashion and style media. With the mentorship of the New York Downtown artist David Armstrong, Green began to photograph his close circle of New York friends and collaborators, as well as casting on the streets of the city. His photographs brilliantly portray the vitality and particularities of contemporary originality, sexual identity and a timely iconography of contemporary style. Like his forebears, including Nan Goldin and Corinne Day, Green articulates his unique version of beauty and creates the visual language of this exciting and diverse epoch.

Green’s work has been commissioned by publications such as Dazed & Confused, Re-Edition, LOVE Magazine, i-D and the fashion label Creatures of the Wind. LensCulture recently honored Green as one of their 2016 Portrait Awards Series winners.

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