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  1. Théo de Gueltzl Designs Hermès Faubourg Tropical Scarf

  2. The Style Council Creative Directors for Dior Rouge Campaign

  3. Charlie Engman Shoots Pharrell Williams x Adidas Originals Triple Black Collection Campaign

  4. The Style Council Design Vogue China 15th Birthday Book and Digital Campaign

  5. Dan Martensen Shoots Klara Kristin for Office Cover Story

  6. Hanna Moon Shoots for The Face

  7. Théo de Gueltzl Photographs Horizon Lines for Atmos

  8. Bolade Banjo Joins M.A.P

  9. Malina Joseph Gilchrist Styles Ami FW20 for Self Service

  10. Dan Martensen Shoots Tommy Hilfiger FW20 Campaign

  11. Vanina Sorrenti Shoots Fashion in Mallorca for Icon

  12. David Abrahams Shoots Accessories for Rika Magazine

  13. Charlie Engman Premiers Collina Strada Pre-Fall 2021 Fashion Video Game at GucciFest

  14. Noemi Bonazzi Set Designer for WSJ. Magazine Innovators Issue Darren Walker Cover Story

  15. Théo de Gueltzl Shoots M le Magazine du Monde Cover Story

  16. Malina Joseph Gilchrist Styles Self Service Obsessions

  17. Vanina Sorrenti Shoots for Playgirl Relaunch Issue

  18. Apartamento Publishes Estelle Hanania’s Interview and Photographs of Bernadette Després and her Home