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  1. Jack Webb Shoots for Louis Vuitton The Book

  2. Paul Wetherell Shoots Kris Van Assche’s Last Dior Homme Collection for Arena Homme +

  3. Nigel Shafran Exhibits ‘Work Books 1984 - 2018’ at Sion and Moore London

  4. Amy Troost Shoots New York Biker Portraits for All Saints

  5. Paul Wetherell Shoots Emporio Armani EA7 for Arena Homme +

  6. Matthew Donaldson Shoots for V Man

  7. Charlie Engman Exhibits ‘Mom’ at Scrap Metal Toronto

  8. Derek Henderson Shoots for Pleasure Garden

  9. Ethan James Green Shoots SS18 Collection for Prada

  10. David Hughes Shoots for The Fall

  11. Jamie Hawkesworth Photographs Japan’s Inland Sea Islands for WSJ. Magazine Cover Story

  12. James Mollison Photographs Issey Miyake’s Session One Project for Domus

  13. Christian MacDonald Shoots Natalia Vodianova for Vogue Poland Cover Story

  14. Ethan James Green Photographs Tiffany Haddish and Tye Sheridan for W Cover Stories

  15. Nigel Shafran Shoots Fashion on Leelee Sobieski for American Vogue

  16. Paul Wetherell Photographs Val McDermid for The Gentlewoman

  17. Amy Troost Shoots i-D Cover Story

  18. Christian MacDonald Photographs Stacy Martin for Interview