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  1. Ethan James Green Photographs LGBT Senior Dances for Vogue US

  2. Charlie Engman Photographs Weeki Wachee Mermaids for Vogue US

  3. Amy Troost Shoots for Vogue Me

  4. Dream Magazine Publishes David Hughes’s Still Lifes Portfolio

  5. Will Davidson Shoots for Unconditional

  6. Ethan James Green Shoots Karlie Kloss for Vogue Italia

  7. James Mollison Photographs Louis Vuitton Atelier for WSJ. Magazine

  8. Paul Wetherell Shoots Leatherwear for Vogue China

  9. Nigel Shafran Photographs the Next Generation of American Theater for Vogue US

  10. Andreas Laszlo Konrath Photographs Chanel’s Métiers D’Arts Show for Vanity Fair France

  11. Ethan James Green Shoots Dior Homme for Arena Homme +

  12. Paul Wetherell Shoots Beauty for Noodled Book in Support of Mission Blue

  13. James Mollison Photographs Venetian Collectors for Christie’s Magazine

  14. Derek Henderson Photographs Waterfalls for At Large Magazine

  15. Andreas Laszlo Konrath Photographs Jill Soloway and Kathryn Hahn for WSJ. Magazine

  16. Tyrone Lebon Exhibits in Iron Lady: Symonds, Pearmain, Lebon at Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, Berlin

  17. Andreas Laszlo Konrath Photographs Aziz Ansari for Vogue US

  18. Christian MacDonald Shoots Spring 2017 Couture for WSJ. Magazine