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Curator/Writer/ Creative Consultant
  1. Charlotte Cotton
Creative Director/ Visual Artist
  1. Cynthia Swanson
  1. Ethan James Green Shoots i-D Cover Story

  2. Charlie Engman Exhibits at Asama International Photo Festival, Japan

  3. Hanna Moon Shoots Versus Versace FW18 Campaign

  4. Christine Centenera Styles Katy Perry for Vogue Australia Cover Story

  5. David Hughes Shoots for LOVE

  6. Jack Webb Shoots Dunhill AW18 Campaign

  7. Christian MacDonald Shoots Grace Elizabeth for WSJ. Magazine

  8. Hanna Moon Shoots DROMe AW18 Campaign 

  9. Amy Troost shoots Levi's Fall 2018 Campaign 

  10. Creative Director and Visual Artist Cynthia Swanson Joins M.A.P

  11. Jamie Hawkesworth Shoots Alexander McQueen AW18 Campaign

  12. Nicole Bentley Shoots Voyage 2018 Collection for Tigerlily

  13. Jenny Kim Styles Anne V’s Hair for Elle France Cover Story

  14. Estelle Hanania Shoots for Centrefold

  15. Ethan James Green Shoots Fanzine 137 Cover Story

  16. Derek Henderson Shoots Le Vignerons de Champagne Campaign

  17. Nicole Bentley & Michele McQuillan Shoot Fashion for Vogue Australia

  18. Charlie Engman Directs Kylie Minogue in Countdown to Pride Film for American Vogue