1. Bolade Banjo Joins M.A.P

    M.A.P are delighted to announce we are now representing Bolade Banjo.

    London based Bolade Banjo’s distinctive and experimental aesthetic embraces a youthful optimism and spirit that is being celebrated by a new generation of musicians, artists and designers, and the likes of i-D, Dazed, The Face, Gucci, and Marc Jacobs.

    His practice spans photography, film and multi-media, and uses analogue techniques to explore the physicality of image-making through the combination of colours, collage and expanding tonal ranges.

    Having assisted a number of contemporary photographers, Banjo’s own work encompasses reportage, fashion and portraiture, providing a platform for him to respond to an ever-evolving subject matter. These techniques, and the stories that he tells through his work, contribute to a new definition and expression of emerging photography.

    To view Bolade Banjo's work click here.

    Jorja Smith, The Face, winter 2020. Photography and film direction by Bolade Banjo, styling by Tamara Rothstein, hair by Issac Poleon, make-up by Carol Lopez, Nails by Pria B, set design by Patience Harding, production by Rosanna Gouldman.