1. Dean Langley Art Directs The Spring Cleaning

    Dean Langley art directed The Spring Cleaning, a project that started as an exhibition in a Laundromat in New York City and is now a book published by Ditto Press. 

    From IDEA Books website: ‘Created/curated by Benedict Brink and Todd Jordan in the summer of 2015, The Spring Cleaning was an official/unofficial exhibition hung on the walls of a laundromat at 168 Elizabeth Street, New York. Art director Dean Langley cut and pasted the work from the exhibition into handmade books for the Printed Matter NY bookfair. London printer Ditto Press saw them and offered to print them. Not much more was said about it. Now there are 100 copies. As unplanned as can be. Accidentally on purpose the most perfect surprise publication of the year.’

    The publication features, among others, the work of Larry Clark, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Ed and Deanna Templeton, and M.A.P photographers Tyrone Lebon, Andreas Laszlo Konrath and Jack Webb. The Spring Cleaning can be purchased by on the IDEA Books online store by clicking here.

    The Spring Cleaning. Edition of 100. Created / curated / art directed by Benedict Brink, Todd Jordan and Dean Langley.