Arthur Davison-Sharp

Creative Direction


Ph: Tyler Mitchell / Styling: Benjamin Bruno

Moncler Collection

Director: Amber Grace Johnson / Styling: Robbie Spencer

Moncler Genius x Palm Angels

Ph. Quil Lemons / Styling: Max Ortega

Moncler Genius x Craig Green

Ph: Ben Toms / Styling: Robbie Spencer

Moncler Genius x Alyx

Ph: Elizaveta Porodina / Styling: Joel Traptow

Moncler Genius x 1952 Womens

Ph: Harley Weir

Moncler Lunettes

Ph: Christian MacDonald / Styling: Karl Templer

Moncler Grenoble

Ph/Director: Jonas Lindstroem / Styling: Stuart Williamson

Moncler x Mondogenius

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